Gali Service Industries, Inc.

- Latest Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

- Rigorous Staff Training

- Reliable Quality Control Program

- Janitorial Consulting

- Assistance with LEED Certification

- Extensive Knowledge About Green Best    

  Practices and Products

- Experience in Green Transitions

Additional Components of the GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning Program:

Eco Healthy Cleaning by GSI

GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning is based on a scientific approach that protects health and the environment, provided in strict accordance with Green Seal GS-42 Standards.  This program applies only the best practices for high-performance cleaning, enabling GSI to meet comparable budgetary cost objectives over internal staffing and traditional cleaning service providers.

The GSI Eco Healthy Cleaning Program uses only Green Seal Certified products and processes which result in a significant reduction of indoor air pollutants when compared to conventional cleaning processes.

GSI has a proven record in providing quality service to several LEED facilities. Our own Executive Team Member's LEED AP O+M certification helps us provide our clients with the most up to date USGBC LEED service standards and recommendations. For more information about our LEED services please contact us at